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Building façades and thermal comfort: The impacts of climate, solar shading, and glazing on the indoor thermal environment (2008)

Articles & Essays
The Architecture of Truth (THE CUBE, Issue B: Truth, September 2017)

In Nepal, a chance encounter showed me the value of trusting strangers (The Globe & Mail, Travel section, March 4, 2017)

Health, wellness, and experience in the built environment: From green buildings to Conscious Cities (Conscious Cities Journal No. 2, February 2017)

The Future is Urban (New Philosopher, Issue #15, 2017)

Plato for Plumbers (New Philosopher, Issue #13, 2016)

Google’s New Canadian Headquarters: A LEED v4 Case Study (Sustainable Architecture & Building / Toronto Focus, Fall 2016)

Climate Change Readiness in Canadian Real Estate (GBIG Insight, September 2016)

Setting a Standard for Human Wellness: Creating Healthier and Happier Workspaces (Canadian Property Management, June 2016)

LEED Dynamic Plaque: Providing a New Direction for Green Building Certification and Benchmarking at Scale (GBIG Insight, June 2016)

Megacities: Environmental Friend or Foe? (Sustainable Building & Design, Spring 2015)

Baring All: Mandatory Public Disclosure of Building Performance (Sustainable Building & Design, Spring 2015)

A Portfolio Standard Emerges for Sustainability: Management, Policy, Implementation and Measurement (Canadian Property Management, July/August 2014)

Get a Move On! Using Active Design to Promote Physical Activity (Sustainable Building & Design, Spring 2014)

LEED Canada for Existing Buildings: An Agent of Change for Toronto’s Existing Building Stock (Sustainable Architecture & Building, Spring 2012)

Approaching Net-Zero Energy (Canadian Architect, March 2011)


Rapid urbanisation and vertical sprawl: How can we live like this? The Possible, Issue #2, 2017

Single-use professional sports venues falter. Canadian Facility Management & Design. November 6, 2017

Meet the ecomodernists: Ignorant of history and paradoxically old-fashioned by George Monbiot. The Guardian. September 24, 2015

Peer-reviewed Journals

Indoor thermal environmental conditions near glazed facades with shading devices – Part I: Experiments and building thermal model (Building and Environment, November 2010)

Indoor thermal environmental conditions near glazed facades with shading devices – Part II: Thermal comfort simulation and impact of glazing and shading properties (Building and Environment, November 2010)