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Building façades and thermal comfort: The impacts of climate, solar shading, and glazing on the indoor thermal environment (2008)

Articles & Essays

The varieties of modular experience, (What is modular architecture?, 2021)

The view from above (Dark Mountain Journal, June 2021)

Smells like dispirit (New Philosopher, 2021)

Power play: the other talents of urban infrastructure (The Possible, January 2021)

Who’s Driving? The Road to Net Zero (WSP Insights, October 2020)

Street View to the Rescue (The Globe & Mail, July 2020)

Zen and the Art of Building Maintenance (The Possible, April 2020)

You Are Now Disconnected: Smartphones and the City (The Possible, August 2019)

The Map is Not the Territory (The Possible, August 2019)

Slow Data in the Age of the Smart City (WSP Insights, February 2019)

In Search of Eudaimonia (The Possible, February 2019)

Power to the people! Improving health and wellbeing with post-occupancy evaluations (GRESB Insights, October 2018)

Carbon Shift: Why Energy is Fading as a Key Performance Indicator (GRESB Insights, July 2018)

Sustainable cities and the role of regional green building programs (GRESB Insights, June 2018)

The Dark Green City (The Possible, May 2018)

The Architecture of Truth (THE CUBE, Issue B: Truth, September 2017)

In Nepal, a chance encounter showed me the value of trusting strangers (The Globe & Mail, Travel section, March 4, 2017)

Health, wellness, and experience in the built environment: From green buildings to Conscious Cities (Conscious Cities Journal, No. 2, February 2017)

The Future is Urban (New Philosopher, Issue #15, 2017)

Plato for Plumbers (New Philosopher, Issue #13, 2016)

Google’s New Canadian Headquarters: A LEED v4 Case Study (Sustainable Architecture & Building / Toronto Focus, Fall 2016)

Climate Change Readiness in Canadian Real Estate (GBIG Insight, September 2016)

Setting a Standard for Human Wellness: Creating Healthier and Happier Workspaces (Canadian Property Management, June 2016)

LEED Dynamic Plaque: Providing a New Direction for Green Building Certification and Benchmarking at Scale (GBIG Insight, June 2016)

Megacities: Environmental Friend or Foe? (Sustainable Building & Design, Spring 2015)

Baring All: Mandatory Public Disclosure of Building Performance (Sustainable Building & Design, Spring 2015)

A Portfolio Standard Emerges for Sustainability: Management, Policy, Implementation and Measurement (Canadian Property Management, July/August 2014)

Get a Move On! Using Active Design to Promote Physical Activity (Sustainable Building & Design, Spring 2014)

LEED Canada for Existing Buildings: An Agent of Change for Toronto’s Existing Building Stock (Sustainable Architecture & Building, Spring 2012)

Approaching Net-Zero Energy (Canadian Architect, March 2011)


Mind your footprint: Tremendous strides are being made with sustainable design strategiesAward magazine, June 2018

Building a ‘future ready’ Toronto, ReNew Canada, April 2018

Rapid urbanisation and vertical sprawl: How can we live like this? The Possible, Issue #2, 2017

Single-use professional sports venues falter. Canadian Facility Management & Design. November 6, 2017

Meet the ecomodernists: Ignorant of history and paradoxically old-fashioned by George Monbiot. The Guardian. September 24, 2015

Peer-reviewed Journals

Indoor thermal environmental conditions near glazed facades with shading devices – Part I: Experiments and building thermal model (Building and Environment, November 2010)

Indoor thermal environmental conditions near glazed facades with shading devices – Part II: Thermal comfort simulation and impact of glazing and shading properties (Building and Environment, November 2010)