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Building facades and thermal comfortBuilding façades and thermal comfort: The impacts of climate, solar shading, and glazing on the indoor thermal environment

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Summary: There is currently a trend of designing new commercial buildings with large glazed façades. Maintaining comfort in the perimeter zones of these buildings is difficult due to their transmittance of solar radiation and exposure to cold outdoor air temperature. Designing these buildings with high-performance façades, however, can improve energy performance, provide a high-quality thermal and visual environment, and reduce thermal loads. This book presents an experimental and simulation study of the indoor thermal environment of a perimeter zone office with glass façade and solar shading device. The study investigates the impact of climate, glazing type, and shading properties on thermal comfort. By recognizing comfort as a key consideration in building design from the initial design stage through to building occupancy, it can be ensured that new high-performance and passive solar buildings are not only aesthetically pleasing and energy-efficient, but also comfortable and enjoyable places to work and live.