Hi. I’m a writer, engineer and researcher exploring social and environmental issues related to buildings and cities. Much of this work focuses on topics at the intersection of philosophy, science and environmentalism. I serve as editorial consultant and frequent contributor to The Possible, a magazine dedicated to the trends, ideas and innovations influencing urban futures.

I have contributed to numerous publications including The New York Times, The Globe & MailNew Philosopher, Canadian Architect, and Issues in Science & Technology. In 2016 I was recipient of the New Philosopher Writers’ Award for my essay “Plato for Plumbers” and winner of the WSP Global Innovator Award for my work exploring the role of philosophy in the engineering profession.

Originally from Saint John, New Brunswick, Canada, I’m currently based in London, UK.

I started this site as a way to collect my letters, articles, and essays that have appeared in various publications. The content of this website generally covers the following themes:

  • Science / Philosophy:
    Ethics, technology and society, philosophy of science, practical philosophy, etc.
  • Sustainability / Environment:
    Green buildings, urban sustainability,  ecology, cities, etc.
  • Culture: 
    Travel, religion, politics, literature, etc.
  • Design: 
    Architecture, urbanism, photography, graphic design, etc.