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I live in Toronto where I work as a consultant and research manager specializing in green buildings and sustainability of the built environment.

I started this site as a way to collect my letters, articles, and essays that have been published in various publications including The New York Times, The Globe & Mail, The PossibleNew Philosopher, Tricycle, The Walrus, Canadian Architect, and Issues in Science & Technology

In general, the content of the site drifts towards the following themes:

  • Science / Philosophy: I’m interested in existential questions related to ethics, technology, and how they can be applied to contemporary issues.
  • Sustainability / Environment: I focus mainly on issues related to the built environment such as green buildings. I’m also interested in the philosophical, scientific, and psychological aspects of sustainability.
  • Culture: Everything from politics to religion to comedy to literature.
  • Design / Urbanism: I’m inspired by architecture, cities, photography and graphic design.