Hi. I’m a writer, engineer and researcher exploring the social, environmental and philosophical issues related to buildings and cities.

As editorial consultant and frequent contributor to The Possible, I explore the trends, ideas and innovations that are changing the future of cities. I’m also a Fellow with the Centre for Conscious Design. (Watch this interview for more on my views on sustainable urbanism and this talk for my views on the philosophy of well-being in the built environment.)

My writing has appeared in The New York Times, The Globe & MailNew Philosopher, Canadian Architect, Issues in Science & Technology, and more.

I was winner of New Philosopher magazine’s Writers’ Award in 2016 and runner-up in 2021 (and finalist in 2018 and 2020). I received the WSP Global Innovator Award for my work exploring the role of philosophy in the engineering profession.

I’m curator of the @street.cola Instagram account, as featured on Brand New and #allcitiesarebeautiful.

Originally from Saint John, New Brunswick, Canada, I’m currently based in London, UK.

Here’s a list of the books and essays that I have found to be most influential.

I started this site as a way to collect my letters, articles, and essays that have appeared in various publications. The content of this website generally covers the following themes:

  • Science / Philosophy:
    Ethics, technology and society, philosophy of science, practical philosophy, etc.
  • Sustainability / Environment:
    Green buildings, urban sustainability,  ecology, cities, etc.
  • Culture: 
    Travel, religion, politics, literature, etc.
  • Design: 
    Architecture, urbanism, photography, graphic design, etc.