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About Me: I live in Toronto where I work as manager of research and sustainability consultant. My work specializes in green buildings and sustainability of the built environment.

I hold a Master of Applied Science in solar buildings engineering from Concordia University and a Bachelor of Engineering in biological (environmental) engineering from Dalhousie University. 

Concept: I started this site as a way to collect my letters to the editor and essays that have been published in various publications (including The New York Times, The Globe & Mail, New Philosopher, Tricycle, The Walrus, Architectural Record, and Issues in Science & Technology). 

Interests: Although I have many wide-ranging interests, I try to find the connections between them. In general, the content of the site drifts towards the following themes:

  • Science / Philosophy: It’s difficult to distinguish between (good) philosophy and (good) science. They are simply different words on the same spectrum to describe our understanding of the universe. I like thinking about deep existential questions related to ethics, epistemology, evolution, ecology, cosmology, technology, and aesthetics and applying them to contemporary issues related to the environment, culture, religion, and what it means to lead a virtuous life.
  • Sustainability / Environment: I focus mainly on issues related to the built environment, such as green buildings and renewable energy. I’m also interested in the philosophical and scientific aspects of sustainability.
  • Culture: Everything from politics to religion to comedy to literature.
  • Design / Urbanism: I’m inspired by world of architecture, cities, and graphic design, and their relationship to human experience.