Left, disconnected

Democratic elites and far-left activists obsessed with identity politics are disconnected from reality, as Konrad Yakabuski points out in The Globe & Mail. Not only are the arguments made in support of identity politics often dubious or inaccurate (e.g. Critical Race Theory), but as a political strategy it’s ultimately counterproductive, alienating millions of voters who would otherwise be supportive of liberal causes.

Many left-leaning people do not agree with, or care about, the new dogmas and purity tests being demanded of them by progressives who live on Twitter. Social-media echo chambers, as it turns out, are not exclusive to the far-right. People are individuals, not mindless members of any monolithic identity.

Left-leaning Canadians would be wise to reconsider adopting the U.S. culture wars as their own. For the sake of liberalism, the sooner the better.


[An edited version of this post was published as a Letter to the Editor in The Globe & Mail]