Water footprints are not insignficant

How absurd it is to hear Keith Head dismiss out of hand any concern we should have about conservation of our water resources.  To point out the fundamental differences between a water footprint and carbon footprint simply stands to illustrate their difference in concept but still does nothing to take away from the fact that water conservation is important in its own right.  While Canada may be fortunate to have an abundance of fresh water, we should still consider the indirect consequences of our over-consumption of water. Think about the energy required to pump and treat it and resources required to construct and maintain its ever-expanding infrastructure. To state that water scarcity is only a local and not global problem may be true, but it is truly a display of short-term thinking, especially when one considers the wars starting over water resources and the implications on the global trade of fresh water. 

All this, no less, from a professor of business strategy from a leading university! To the students of Prof. Head, I would highly suggest you use your university years to their fullest by developing your critical thinking skills early.